How To Cite An APA Format Dissertation In A Proper Way

APA format is one of the most used formats used in academic papers including dissertations. While you might think that these citations are the same as every a normal APA citation but you would be wrong. There are two ways that you can put citations in a dissertation, one for published work and on for unpublished works. Below you will be shown how to create both of these. The reason that you will be using published and unpublished works in your paper is that you want to find all of the information that you can on the subject.

Citation Examples for Published and Unpublished Works

  • Unpublished Works: This is for works that have not been published but have the information that you need for your paper. The first part is the last name and then the first initial of the author. Then in parenthesis the year of publishing. The title of the paper. In parenthesis, you will include a descriptive statement on the paper. Then the name of the institution and the location.

  • Published Works: While this is similar to the unpublished works, but a little different. Again you will begin with the last name and first initial. The year in parenthesis. The title of the work. The descriptive statement in parenthesis. Here is where is gets a little different, you then include where you retrieved the paper from a database. Then in parenthesis, you will include in accession, number, or order.

  • The last citation that you will need to learn for your paper is to include the in-text citations. When you are putting the in-text citations in your dissertation, you can do it two ways depending on how many authors wrote the work you are citing. If there is only one author, then you use the last name and the year that it was published. If you have more than one author, then you include all of the last names and the year it was published, and all of these will be in parenthesis followed by a period in your text.

Keeping track of all of the information that you are going to use in your paper is very important. You need to write it all down as your go so it will be easier to write your citations later. It would even be a great idea to write them as you go, so there is less work later on the reference page.