List Of Top 20 Economics Dissertation Topics For Undergraduates

Undergraduates spend a lot of time looking for relevant topics which they can use for their writing. This is pathetic because the content that each of the students ultimately come up with compromises on quality and as a consequence, most lecturers end up giving them the lowest grades. In this article advice has been given on how to select the best topics. Moreover, there is a list of top 20 topics that one can choose.


Although this is not a basic requirement for everyone, it is a requirement for dummies who do not have the appropriate information. One needs to look in a wide range of books, specifically those of economics and then use the content to compose topics. Alternatively, research can be done online where the student only requires the presence of an interest.

Proper planning

This is required for purposes of maintaining time so that there is no misuse. The student basically draws a draft on some of the crucial things that need to be employed in the work to improve its reliability.

Below are the top 20 topics for economic dissertation:

  1. How the Euro connects with the state policy of each individual

  2. How the entrepreneurship has influenced the current market economy

  3. The minimum salary that a casual worker should earn to live a comfortable life

  4. How the weather changes affects the current economic market

  5. Does America have adequate reasons to send out all the immigrants back to their mother countries?

  6. How agricultural industries affect supply on the market

  7. The influence of mining in Kenyan economic status

  8. Is it true that illegal immigrants in America dealing with poor quality jobs that the country does not appreciate?

  9. How the politics affect the economic status of a country

  10. The influence of national debts on the taxation of its citizens

  11. Does forgiveness on student loans affect the national treasury?

  12. How the rise in American dollar affects business

  13. Does entrepreneurial education affect trade?

  14. Should all those who are unable to pay loans be jailed?

  15. Impact of Euro on the economy of Greece

  16. Does Islam get any advantage from economics?

  17. Will Americans support the Euro currency as the top international currency?

  18. Effect of mining on a country’s economy

  19. Does raising loan interest a better way of investment?

  20. Contribution of a country’s economy on the world’s economic status.