How Can A Dissertation Be Done In A Month: Former Student's Advice

Writing a dissertation won’t feel like several months struggle if you will get a head start, be able to set realistic goals and due dates and of course nothing beats working steadily. In other words, you should delete procrastination and laziness in your schedule so that everything will fall into the right place.

In addition, when you are tasked to write a certain topic for your dissertation and you find it quite challenging, you can always ask assistance and guidance to your professors, family members who have done the kind of writing task in the past and also former students who have survived this kind of writing project. At first, it is normal for you not to be fully aware of what you will do but with the help and advice of the right people, you can definitely overcome a challenging writing task in a month.

Here are a few advices from a former student who have accomplished an A+ dissertation:

  • Make it a point to get started at once. This means that you can begin the work the moment you already fully understand what you are tasked to do by your advisor.

  • Create a careful plan and make sure to strictly stick to a schedule. More than that, prior getting down to the tedious and serious process of writing, consider sitting down with your advisor and see to it to create a plan of action.

  • When conducting a research, make sure that you only include the ones that are substantial, relevant and useful to your topic. Always indicate your sources so that you can cite them properly and avoid plagiarism.

  • Before you continue writing, it is imperative to find a colleague who has previously worked and submitted an approved dissertation or thesis. In so doing, you can get some advice from him or her and you may even ask him or her to lend you his or her work so that you can use it as a guide when formatting your own work. Remember that it is prohibited to copy other’s work. Make sure that you only follow the formatting.

  • Since there is no excuse for losing your work, it is quite pivotal to have multiple saved copies in Dropbox, in your personal computer or laptop, external hard drive and many more.

  • Prior submitting your work, ask a colleague to read the document so he or she may give some recommendations and see some errors that need to be corrected before you decide to give your document to your advisor.

  • When everything is approved, consider getting your document printed off a day or two in advance.