How To Create Proper Dissertation Bibliography Or References

It is quite important to learn the significance of referencing when you are tasked to work on a writing project. Take in mind that when you are writing a dissertation, report or an essay and many other forms of academic writing, there are times when your own ideas as well as thoughts unavoidably build on those of other teachers, researchers or writers. Indeed, it is substantial that you recognize the credit to the information sources, ideas and research that you have obtained through indicating references to and complete details of the sources in your writing project.

Why is it very crucial to reference?

In actuality, referencing your writing work enables the target readers to:

  • Identify your own ideas as well as findings from those which you have only obtained from the works or ideas of other writers, teachers and researchers.

  • Be able to follow up in more complete details of the facts as well as information which you have pertained to.

Things you need to take into consideration prior you write:

  • See to it that you include your notes the complete details of publication of each germane text that you read- this is whenever you go over or research some materials for your writing project. Take into account that these details must consist of:
    • The author’s last name and initial
    • The publication date

    • The text’s title

    • The volume number as well as the journal’s title if it is a paper

    • The editor/s and the title of the book if it is a chapter of a book that is edited

    • If it is a chapter on a book that is edited or a journal article, the last and first page numbers must be indicated
    It is pivotal to include in your notes the particular page reference for components of the text or important points that you prefer to quote word for word. Furthermore, please be advised that the book’s publisher must not be perplexed with the printer. The name of the publisher is commonly on the main title page of a book and usually on the spine of the book as well.

A Final Reminder

There are a lot of distinct referencing conventions that are commonly used. For a fact, every department shall have its own chosen outline and every book editor or journal has a set of rules too. The good thing about this is that once you have fully understood the principles which are common to all systems of referencing, for sure; it shall become a lot easier to carry out the specific rules which are established by your own department.